Nov 04, 2018
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Official Art Of the golden echo (deluxe version) Album Bykimbra
the golden echo (deluxe version)

the golden echo (deluxe version)'s Official Release Statement:

Name: Kimbra – The Golden Echo (Deluxe Version)
Genre: Pop
Released: 15 Aug 2014
Quality: MP3 – 320 kbps | M4A – 256 kbps [iTunes Purchased AAC]
It takes just a few minutes of “’90s Music”—one of the sparkling singles from Kimbra’s second album—to realize that the eclectic New Zealand pop sensation has talent far beyond the bittersweet guest vocal she offered on Gotye’s ubiquitous smash “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Kimbra’s wild electro-pop pastiche namechecks Nirvana and TLC, unleashes a radiant blast of synthesizers and juxtaposes the singer’s nimble vocal with an 808 thump. It’s a perfect example of the brilliantly frenetic mélange that defines The Golden Echo. The album’s list of collaborators exemplifies its range—calling on everyone from ultra-cool rock heavyweights like Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and Mars Volta guitarist/bandleader Omar Rodríguez-López to orchestral pop icon Van Dyke Parks and cutting-edge R&B vocalist Bilal. But when a pair of album highlights come back to back (the propulsive “Love in High Places” and the funky, ’70s-influenced R&B banger “Nobody but You”), the bright textures, inventive hooks and head-spinning influences evince Kimbra’s singular touch.

Track list:
01. Teen Heat
02. 90s Music
03. Carolina
04. Goldmine
05. Miracle
06. Rescue Him
07. Madhouse
08. Everlovin’ Ya (feat. Bilal)
09. As You Are
10. Love In High Places
11. Nobody But You
12. Waltz Me To the Grave
13. Slum Love (Bonus Track)
14. Sugar Lies (Bonus Track)
15. The Magic Hour (Bonus Track)

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