Nov 15, 2018
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Official Art Of pluto tapes Album Byunlike pluto
pluto tapes

pluto tapes's Official Release Statement:

Name: Unlike Pluto – Pluto Tapes
Genre: Electronic
Release: Nov 14, 2018
Quality: MP3 – 320 kbps
Track list:
01. Western Love (Pluto Tapes)
02. First Generation (Pluto Tapes)
03. Pumpkin Factory (Pluto Tapes)
04. Canada (Pluto Tapes)
05. Mosh Pit (Pluto Tapes)
06. Playground (Pluto Tapes)
07. Cruel (Pluto Tapes)
08. Under the Lights (Pluto Tapes)
09. No Innocence (Pluto Tapes)
10. Dollar for Your Sadness (Pluto Tapes)
11. Dont Know What to Say (Pluto Tapes)
12. No Goodbyes (Pluto Tapes)
13. Problems (Pluto Tapes)
14. Run, Bobby, Run (Pluto Tapes)

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